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With its various locations across Belgium and the Netherlands, Buro Nexus is hard at work to conquer the world. Or the Benelux, at any rate. To achieve that end, we are always on the lookout for talented new staff. Not to second them to clients this time, but to work here. ‘Growing together’ is one of our core values for a reason.
Do you have a genuine interest in the stories people have to tell? Do you see yourself working as a talent consultant, business partner, or office manager? We would like to get in touch.

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People who work at Buro Nexus have a passion. People with drive and ambition. People who want to make the world a better place, every day. Together. With no barriers. No “please submit the request in triplicate”. We like to keep it personal. Standing together, not opposite. We work hard, and laugh hard. Our Friday afternoon office get-togethers are becoming infamous. Do you want to join in?
Give us a call, or have us call you.

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‘The professional is always
paramount, no matter
how big we become.'
- Eva Toma, Branch director Breda
Read her story!

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of your life?

Skimping on parties? Never. We celebrate success together. For example, Together with our employees we recently visited the Belgian theme park Bobbejaanland. Are you curious what that was like? You’re in luck – we made a video. Watch it here.

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