Siemen Gits

I want the best of two worlds: working with technology both mentally and physically.

So, Siemen, how did you end up working at Buro Nexus?

By coincidence, really. I had to go to a job market with my school. All visitors received a color-coded label showing what they were studying, so that companies immediately saw what you were looking for. People with a technical background are highly sought after at the moment, so people were pulling at me from all sides. Literally. Quite a contrast with the approach of Pieter-Jan of Buro Nexus. Instead of subjecting me to a deluge of information, he listened to me. He wanted to know what I wanted to achieve, what I was looking for. A lot more personal and understanding. I liked that a lot; I still regularly talk to Pieter-Jan. He’s a great guy.

What made you decide to work for Buro Nexus in the end?

My education is quite broad. I was able to do a lot of different things and I saw a lot. That was great, but it did make me fear getting stuck in a rut somewhere. I hate having to do the same thing day in and day out, it would drive me crazy. For me, it’s essential to be feel good about what I do, and have a position that allows me to keep learning. That’s why I chose Buro Nexus, working as a consultant allows me to sample a large variety of companies. Another thing was that it was all quite daunting. I just finished school and was taking my first steps in my professional career. I had never been on a job interview before. Buro Nexus made it all just a little bit easier.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

That diversity. My work is different every day, with various technology and I learn something new every day. Every project is unique, and you never know how it will go. No matter how much we prepare, there will always be something at the site that doesn’t work as it’s supposed to or how you’d expect. That can present a huge problem for the client, every hour their equipment doesn’t work costs money. I love the pressure that brings, that stress. It makes me perform at my peak.

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