Pieter-Jan Aerens

There’s no manual, you have to figure it out yourself.

So Pieter-Jan, what do you do at Buro Nexus?

I recently transitioned from Talent Consultant to Business Partner, which means that I am the primary contact and consultant for a number of our clients. They can approach me with questions, to plan meetings, if they have feedback on our professionals, or if they have a new position that needs filling. I used to study Applied Psychology and that background is a great help. I know how to listen, and I actually prefer listening over speaking. I’m often able to read (or rather, listen) between the lines and tease out a lot of information from a conversation and that helps me in finding the solution that best fits the needs of my opposite number.

And what do you like most about that?

I really enjoy working with a team. It may sound a bit woolly, but I really like the holistic energy that you get from a group. More down to earth, my targets are really important to me as well. Achieving those targets gives me a huge boost and a lot of satisfaction. I like the competitive aspect of it, even though I’m a bit of an introvert myself. I want to win. And that fits in well with one of the core values of Buro Nexus (always wanting to win). I also like visiting a lot of different places and my job allowed me to look in on quite a few large construction companies, and talk to a lot of died-in-the-wool experts there. That’s not only fun, but also very educational!

How about your personal growth in the company?

Buro Nexus really gives you all the opportunities you need to grow. One-on-one conversations with my manager are most important for me in that regard. In one of those talks, we start out with evaluating how things are going and then how we should approach the future. I also work with a lot of smart and experienced colleagues, who are always willing to help out. I learn something new every day. But there’s no manual, you have to figure it out for yourself.

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