Petra Klijberg

‘I love this place, I’ll work here until I’m 65.’

So, Petra, how did you end up at Buro Nexus?

Through an old classmate! She was approached by Buro Nexus a while ago, and she thought I’d like working through a secondment agency as well. And she was right! When she showed me her contract, I saw that it would fit me as a glove as well. I don’t like working in the same team all the time, as you tend to become too close with people and then professional communication becomes more difficult. I also really like the flexibility that Buro Nexus affords me. I like to hop from place to place every two years or so, to help a department that’s not functioning properly back on track. I avoid getting stuck in a rut that way. All this inspired me to contact Buro Nexus myself. We had a talk and it immediately felt right for both sides. I’ve been working here for a year now and I love it!

Did you already know secondment was possible when you worked in care?

No, I didn’t. Flew working used to be the norm, where you only worked for a specific client for a day or two. But if you want to deliver consistent quality, you need to work in one place for longer than that. You have to get to know your people, both the patients and coworkers. And don’t forget the procedures. You need six months, at least. Luckily, I can always let Buro Nexus know if I want to (or have to) stay somewhere for longer. In fact, I was supposed to go to a new client last September, but I felt that I was needed a bit longer where I was. My department needed me and neither Buro Nexus or the client made a fuss.

How about improving yourself?

Buro Nexus is constantly involved with training. We regularly talk about it, for example about qualifying as a registered nurse, or doing a course in Psychiatry. I have those options. I can always talk to them about other things as well, it doesn’t necessarily have to involve work. They genuinely care about how I am doing. I had a little problem a while ago, and I texted my contact Gino Stoof about it. He called me right away to talk to me about it. We’ve only known each other since December, but we understand each other completely. It’s great!

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