Lieke van Bakel

The combination of helping people to find their next challenge and setting commercial targets for myself, that’s my sweet spot.

So Lieke, what is it you do all day?

In my current position, I spend my days monitoring and recruiting care professionals. I focus primarily on recruitment, which means that I coach Talent Consultants in the office. They can come to me with all their questions, and I often sit in on the meetings they have with our candidates. That helps them to grow, too. If I have any time left after that, you can usually find me on LinkedIn, which is where it all starts. I look for and find suitable candidates for our clients. I invite those candidates to come visit us for a talk, and if they choose to sign up, I coach them during their employment with Buro Nexus. I regularly talk to most, if not all, of our candidates. How often depends on the candidates themselves and what they need. I talk to some of them once a week on the phone, others once a month.

Why do you think professionals choose Buro Nexus?

I think our professionals want to make the most of their careers. They want to work in different organizations, with a variety of subjects. Maybe, every now and then, they want to do something completely different from what they are used to, of course helped by any extra training they need. They are also looking for an employer. Someone who is separate from the day-to-day bustle, but who is always there for you and who meets your needs. Care professionals don’t have that these days, when they work for an organization directly.

Why did you choose Buro Nexus?

My work at Buro Nexus has nothing to do with my education, which was in Social Pedagogy. And at the same time, it has everything to do with it. I chose Social Pedagogy because it covers such a wide range of subjects and I really wanted to work with people. I wanted to make the world a better place. But that turned out to be more difficult than I thought. To rekindle my positivity, I started working for a temp agency. That was too superficial for me, so I ended up with Buro Nexus. Here, I can work in secondment and in care so everything comes together for me. The opportunity to be a Talent Master in care cinched it for me.

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