Friso Holtkamp

Buro Nexus looks for a school that suits me, not just any English teacher.

So Friso, how did you become a teacher?

After I attained my Master’s, I worked as a freelance translator for about ten years. Unfortunately, that’s a fairly lonely existence and it’s also quite difficult to earn a living wage that way. That’s why I also drove a cab, which allowed me to meet lots of different people. I decided to do something that combined my two passions, English and working with people. Teaching was the logical choice. My old secondary school gave me the chance to do an informal internship for a few weeks, and I liked that so much that I went back to university to get my qualification. I ended up working full time at my old school, which was great because I already felt at home there and it was quite a change I was making. However, by now I’ve grown as a teacher and I’m ready for the next step.

Is that why you work at Buro Nexus now?

Exactly when I decided it was time for something new, Buro Nexus approached me through LinkedIn. I decided to sit down with one of their Talent Consultants. Informally at first, but she had such a good pitch that I started to seriously consider it. Was secondment the right choice for me? Because it would enable me to try out various different schools in a relatively short period I decided that yes, it was. I wanted to see what else was on offer. Also, schools can be turbulent places and working in a temporary position allows me to be just a little bit more removed from that. I kind of like that at the moment. I like that Buro Nexus listens to what I want and don’t want, and sticks to it. They look for a school that suits Friso, not just any English teacher. I also like their personal approach. That people know my name when I walk into the office, even if I only talked to them briefly at some point. They want me to feel at home.

What are you most proud of, when it comes to your job?

When you tell people you work as a teacher, most of them immediately tell you how they could never work with a room full of unruly adolescents. That’s not how I feel at all. Of course, they’re not always motivated, but so far I’ve always managed to create a productive learning environment. I’m quite proud of that!

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