Eva Toma

The professional is always paramount, no matter how big we become.

Eva, why do you think professionals choose Buro Nexus?

Most of our professionals enjoy sampling a variety of organizations. They are often young people who just finished their education, or even still have to finish. Sometimes they get overwhelmed by everything that happens, all the choices and directions that are available to them. They see secondment as an opportunity to meet different companies, institutions, and organizations. On the other hand, we see a lot of people who have worked in the same place for thirty years. People who do their work on autopilot and are looking for a challenge. That diversity and flexibility is really important, although the personal – our approach – is always at the forefront. We are open and honest, and professionals really like that.

And what do you like so much?

I like the personal, informal way people interact here. That’s not only evident in the office, but also in our methods. We do our utmost to stay in touch with our professionals. When someone has their first meeting with a client, we always make sure that they are not alone. We prepare our professionals in advance. With us, you don’t have to be afraid that you’ll just be plonked down somewhere and never hear from us again. It’s hard work, but there’s always room for a joke or a chat. You also get every opportunity here to develop yourself. I grew into my current position, starting out as a Talent Consultant, via Business Partner, and now I’m the Branch Manager for our Breda office. It’s great to see that Buro Nexus offers those kinds of opportunities. If you apply yourself, the possibilities here are endless. You are taken care of.

So what else do you have on your bucket list?

With regards to travelling, quite a lot. I’d see the whole world if it were possible, and I hope I get the chance to see quite a bit. Apart from that, not much; I don’t really believe in making lists. I think that has to do with managing your expectations: if you want to do all these things and don’t achieve all of them, you’ll end up disappointed. I am really happy with where I am today, and I’ll take life as it comes.

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