Cherylton Maria

Buro Nexus helps me get to the bottom of what I really want from my career.

Cherylton, tell me, what is it that you do and why do you like it so much?

At the moment I’m working as a personal healthcare assistant in a rehabilitation center near Eindhoven. My department specializes in neurology, so I work with stroke victims a lot. Their symptoms can include difficulties with swallowing or motor control, so they need to spend some time in a centre like ours to rehabilitate. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible for them to recover fully, but we strive to help all of our patients become independent again, with or without medical devices. The best – or, rather the most beautiful – about that is that I can really help these people. I can be really important to them, just by being there. I try to assist their informal or home carers as well, because they can use a bit of relief now and then. Even if it’s just for a chat, it helps a lot if people listen to you.

How long have you been working in care?

For about 11 years now, of which I worked through Buro Nexus for the last six months. Before that I was training to become an electrician, which is of course a completely different kettle of fish! Everything changed when my mother fell ill and I had to care for her. That really kindled my love of helping others. Making the change from electrician to care was a big step, but one I never regretted. Not even in those moments where it can seem overwhelming. And l’m happy to say, my mother is doing great again!

How did you end up with Buro Nexus?

Buro Nexus and I found each other at exactly the right time. I had started a training while I was working for my previous employer, but staff shortages meant that I didn’t get a chance to be a student. I had to work as a fully fledged staff member, which didn’t really help my grades. I decided to stop training and look for something new, which was when an old coworker told me about Buro Nexus. She had been working here for a while and really liked it. She told me that through Buro Nexus, I would be able to work wherever I wanted though secondment. I wasn’t fully convinced, but I still sat down for a talk with Lieke. She was able to dispel my doubts and now, six months later, I’m loving my work at Buro Nexus. They really make me feel that I’m important as an employee. Which is nice, because it’s far from the norm when you work in care.

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