Electrical Design Engineering

Is designing electrical systems what gets your juices flowing?

Process Engineering

You are responsible for the development and improvement of new and existing machines and processes.

Mechanical Engineering

You are at the center of one of the most broad and technical fields around.

Maintenance Technician

Do you enjoy travelling a lot, both domestically and abroad?

HVAC Site Manager

You are in control from the moment you step onto the building site every morning.

Test Engineering

You are the automation wizard.

HVAC Project Lead

As you can guess from the name, as a HVAC Project Lead you’ll manage projects in the field of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.

Production Engineering (Management)

You are the one who makes sure the production process runs effectively and efficiently.

Concept Engineering / R&D Engineering

Do you like to be involved with a project from start to finish?

HVAC Work Planner / Cost Engineer

You are one of the organizers.

HVAC Designer

As a HVAC Designer, you spend your days poring over (digital) papers.

Project Engineer

As a Project Engineer every day is different.

Maintenance Engineering (Management)

Your work involves capital goods, in other words the goods that produce other products or services.

Electronics Engineering

No day is the same for an Electronics Engineer.