Construction projects

Working in Construction is different every day. One moment you’re swamped in work, the next you’re sitting around around with nothing on the horizon. But when you work with buro Nexus, you’ll always have something to do.
Let’s see what’s possible together. We’re there for you. Your wellbeing is our priority.

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Your new challenge in construction

Junior Project Leader

As Junior Project Leader, you make sure that your project is delivered as expected. You are the right (or left) hand of the Project Leader and, tog...

Project Engineer

As Project Engineer, you involve yourself with the design, supervision, and implementation of projects. You make sure that the project is not only ...

Drafter / BIM-Modeler

As Drafter / BIM-Modeler, you play a crucial role in any project as you translate and develop project data into blueprints and execution designs. W...

Work Planner / Cost Engineer

You know numbers. Sometimes they start dancing on the page, but you are still able to wrestle them into a coherent whole. As a Work Planner / Cost ...

Project Leader

As you may have guessed from the job title, as a Project Leader you are in charge of projects. You make sure these are properly prepared, executed,...

Site Manager

From the moment you step onto the building site, you are in control. You’ll have a well-earned cup of coffee to get started, and after that you r...