Care projects

Helping people is in your blood. Being there, day and night. We understand that your profession demands a lot of you. And we appreciate the incredible dedication you show It’s hard work, especially if you’re struggling in a position that’s not a match for your skills and your personality.

And that’s why, at buro Nexus, we help you find a position that fits you like a glove. Where you have the support you need. We are regularly in touch, giving and receiving feedback. Encouraging you, thanking you and keeping you on the path to professional happiness.

It’s time you felt good about your work.

You care for
others, we take
care of you.

Your new challenge in care

Helpende + (niveau 2)

As a Helpende+ (nursing assistant) you take care of those who can’t take care of themselves anymore. You could be working in a nursing role, a nu...

Verzorgende IG (niveau 3)

You’re there whenever someone needs a hand to get back on track. You help them move forward, one step at a time. As a Verzorgende IG, you’re no...

Verpleegkundige (niveau 4)

When you walk into a care facility, it seems like the sun starts shining and birds break into song. Your positive attitude makes sure even the most...

Verpleegkundige (niveau 5/6)

Your positive outlook precedes you. It’s almost like the sun starts shining the moment you walk through the doors at work. Patients start smiling...