Care projects

Helping people is what’s in your blood. Being there, day and night. But who is there for you? Because of the personnel shortages in Care, it’s sometimes hard to feel appreciated. It’s hard work, and hard work deserves a pat on the back every now and then. That’s why you should work through buro Nexus!
We’ll help you find a position that fits you like a glove. And we will make sure you don’t have to worry about communication. A phone call? We’re happy to help. That pat on the back? We give it to you on a regular basis.
So you can feel good about your work.

You care for
others, we take
care of you.

Your new challenge in care

Helpende + (niveau 2)

As a Helpende+ (nursing assistant) you take care of clients who can’t take care of themselves anymore. You could be working in a nursing or nursi...

Verzorgende IG (niveau 3)

No challenge is too big for you. Does the client need a hand to get back on track? You are there to help them ahead, one step at a time. As a Verzo...

Verpleegkundige (niveau 4)

When you walk into the care facility, birds start singing and the sun starts shining. Your positive attitude makes sure even the grumpiest client s...

Verpleegkundige (niveau 5/6)

When you walk into your place of work, all patients start smiling because of your positive outlook. As a Verpleegkundige (Niveau 5/6), you help wit...