Verpleegkundige (niveau 5/6)

Your Qualities Skills as a Verpleegkundige (niveau 5/6):

When you walk into your place of work, all patients start smiling because of your positive outlook. As a Verpleegkundige (Niveau 5/6), you help with the daily care of your patients, from taking a shower to checking medication. You will also have other responsibilities, depending on where you work. These can range from wound care to surgical procedures such as colostomy bags, catheters, or drips. You regularly meet with doctors and specialists to help them with patients.

Are you very experienced? Then you can help out with cross-curricular functions.

Your Skills as a Verpleegkundige (niveau 5/6):

As a Verpleegkundige (Niveau 5/6) you have substantial natural leadership skills. You make sure everything runs smoothly and that your entire team (consisting of people a lower level) has the correct instructions they need to do their work. You have a good clinical eye and no problem escapes your notice. You are always ready to spring into action. Stress is not in your dictionary; flexibility is in bold and all caps. Care is in your blood, and empathy for those around you (both clients and home carers) is a given.

Apart from these skills, you have a degree in Nursing. No degree, but you can show the necessary experience? Feel free to apply!

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