Laboratory Attendant

Your qualities as a Laboratory Attendant

You spend the majority of your day in – this won’t come as a surprise – the laboratory. You use a plethora of instruments for your research. You analyse new medications that will benefit everyone a few years down the line, or perform a variety of routine chemical and physiological analyses, producing extensive reports on the results.
The conclusions from your research are often essential for the work of other people.

Your skills as a Laboratory Attendant

Your friends know you’re dedicated to quality, never missing a beat. You know the importance of being thorough and thrive on protocol. You see the big picture but still notice the finest details.

As well as these skills, you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Chemistry or Biochemistry.

Salary & Contract

Buro Nexus offers employment with various clients. Where you work depends on your experience and interests. The amount of salary you receive every month depends on your age, background, and work experience.

Buro Nexus offers education opportunities that will allow you to keep growing and building your career.

Why work through buro Nexus?

  • Work flexibly.
  • A single contract. A single point of contact.
  • Improve your skills with our tailored education options.
  • A career coach to help you make the most of yourself. Buro Nexus is always here for you.
  • Work with a variety of different clients and build up a variety of experiences!
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