Site Manager

Your qualities as a Site Manager

From the moment you step onto the building site, you are in control. You’ll have a well-earned cup of coffee to get started, and after that you roll up your sleeves and get to work. You manage all aspects of the building process and make sure everything runs like clockwork. Any issues? You deal with them. You are responsible for health & safety and building methods. Subcontractors, workers, and others all look to you for direction. You are the linchpin around which the entire project revolves. You take an active role in site meetings and next to that you also draw up progress reports. Oh well, you can’t expect to escape paperwork completely!


Your skills as a Site Manager

Blueprints have no secrets for you, thanks to your well-developed technical sense. You don’t know the meaning of the word stress and you can plan with the best of them. Managing a team is second nature to you because of your natural leadership abilities. You can translate ideas to any audience.

Apart from these skills, you have a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Engineering. If you have no degree but are able to show you have the necessary equivalent experience, you should feel free to apply!


Salary & Contract

Buro Nexus offers employment at various clients, depending on your experience and interests. The amount of digital money we transfer to your account every month depends on your age, background, and work experience.

Buro Nexus offers education opportunities that will allow you to keep growing and further build your career.


Why work through buro Nexus?

  • Work flexibly.
  • A single contract. A single point of contact.
  • Improve your skills with our tailored education options.
  • A career coach to help you make the most of yourself. Buro Nexus is always here for you.
  • Work with a variety of different clients and build up a variety of experiences!
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