You want to learn. Grow. Broaden your horizons. Do your part. You want to have options. Engage with new companies and projects. You want to have the freedom to go where you want, without giving up the safety of a permanent contact. You want someone who takes you seriously. Who is always available. Within and without office hours. Even -no, especially- when things are not going so great.
You simply want to do what you are good at. Buro Nexus helps you to do so by sending you to the best clients in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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Yes, secondment. Or to put it another way: you will be permanently employed by buro Nexus, after which we send you to one of our external clients. Sometimes you’ll finish a project in three months and sometimes you’ll stick around longer. This empowers you to shape your career the way you want it, and to sample different companies. Always with the safety of a permanent contract! So, are you ready for ‘something new’?

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Our goal is to find out everything you are good at and what you are trying to achieve. Whether you are fresh out of school or an old hand, we will help you take the next step in your career. Ready to take the leap? We’ll be there on the sidelines, offering on the job coaching and a slew of training options.

Helping people. That's in your blood. You can get started in Nursing, Care and Home Care (VVT) or at GGZ, GZ and JZ institutions via buro Nexus. Whether as a nurse, nursing assistant or personal counselor, everything is possible.

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As an experienced manager you are now looking for the job of your life. You really want to make a difference and you will do that with a buro Nexus desk! As a secondment agency, we always provide clients who need and value your expertise.

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Do you want to work in construction or civil engineering? We have various positions available for you at different clients. For example, what do you think of a position in project leadership & management? Or how does a project within calculation, execution, work preparation sounds to you? We have something for everyone!

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Do you want to help building the world of tomorrow? Good. Buro Nexus helps you to implement your skills and experience in Electronics, Civil Engineering, Mechanics, or Chemistry. Does your interest lie somewhere else? The opportunities are endless.

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Focus pays off. That is why we only work in the fields of Healthcare in the Netherlands and Construction and Industry & Manufacturing in Belgium. This may not make us the biggest, but it will definitely make us the best.

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