You are looking for new talent. As a temporary hand to help you out on a large project. Or for your company to thrive on for a long time. Because you just can’t find the time, or because you are getting slightly overwhelmed. Because you are heading for a busy period, someone is on long-term sick leave or simply to complement your team. Fact of the matter is: you need experienced professionals who are ready to begin, rather today than tomorrow.
Feel free to focus on your own strong suits, buro Nexus will handle the rest. As a secondment agency, we work in the fields of Healthcare and Interim Management in the Netherlands and Construction and Industry & Manufacturing in Belgium. So what are you waiting for?

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Why wouldn’t you? Secondment is the ideal solution if you are in need of temporary talent. For example if you are starting a large project, or if someone is on maternity leave. Buro Nexus can quickly supply you with capable staff, so that you don’t need to look for any yourself. People who will offer a fresh take, who have cooked in various kitchens. Want to know the best thing of all? Less risk. You won’t need to worry about contracts, administration, sick leave, or wages.

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Buro Nexus will never send anyone on secondment that we wouldn’t want working in our own office. We don’t like barriers. With us, you will find people who like to get their hands dirty. People who will make a difference. Genuinely motivated people who will gladly take on any job well suited for them. Fresh out of school or old hands, we have what you need.

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Are you looking for temporary care staff? Buro Nexus is here to help. We only select candidates who have helping others in their blood. Regardless of whether you are looking for people in Nursing, Home Care, Psychiatric Care, or Youth Care, at governmental or private institutions, buro Nexus helps you to find the right fit.

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Your organization needs strong leadership. Someone who knows the sector through and through. Someone who works professionally and decisively. Buro Nexus helps you with this. As a connector in healthcare, we match clients with the right candidates.

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Are you planning a major project? And can you use some help with that? Buro Nexus is ready for you when you have projects available within calculation, execution, work preparation and more. Could you use our help?

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Are you looking for people who want to help building the future? Buro Nexus helps you find people with skills and experience in electronics, civil engineering, mechanics or chemistry. The possibilities are endless.


Focus pays off. That is why we only offer professionals for secondment in the fields of Healthcare and Interim Management in the Netherlands and Construction and Industry & Manufacturing in Belgium. This may not make us the biggest, but it will definitely make us the best.

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