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We are here to help you, whether you are looking for a new colleague or a new project. As a secondment agency we will work together to make sure that you wake up in a good mood every day. Fancy going to work whistling from now on? You better start practicing!
Buro Nexus was born in 2015 thanks to three inspired entrepreneurs, who recognized that things needed to change. For the better. And they have managed to change things, helped by the many colleagues who joined them over the years. They connect the right candidates to the right clients, always conscious that you, as a person, take center stage. Nexus means connection for a reason: you will not forget us, because we will not forget you.
Did you just finish school, or are you a seasoned hand? Together with buro Nexus you will take your next step. Every day offers new opportunities.
So, this is who we are. Who are you?


We are
buro Nexus

The buro Nexus
Way of Work


With us, you won’t get mired in endless selection procedures or innumerable forms. We’ll sit down for a chat. Have a cup of coffee (or tea). Perhaps a biscuit? We’ll go exploring together. We’ll find out your strengths together. What really drives you. What your goal are for your (working) life.
We’ll help you find projects that fit you, at a plethora of different clients. Our network? Endless. Need even more challenge? We’ll keep on looking for the perfect match.
Are you ready to jump out of bed every morning, happy to start a new day? Did you practice your whistling? We’d like to meet you at one of our locations.

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Team Nexus
Daphne Alt
Daphne Donkers Talent Master Medical
Guillaume Alt
Guillaume d'Aguiar Talent Master Medical
Lieke Alt
Lieke van Bakel Talent Master Medical
Kenson Alt
Kenson Tielman Business Partner Medical

Come for

a coffee


Start a new challenge tomorrow.
That’s how quickly we like
things to go at buro Nexus.
When will you be dropping by?

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