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When you apply for a job with buro Nexus, you’ll be taking the next step in your career.
Side effects include happiness, loving your job, making friends instead of colleagues, and spontaneous whistling.

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Our task is making your dreams come true. When you come to work at buro Nexus, we will introduce you to a wide range of clients. You’ll find projects that finish in three months, or assignments that keep you busy for longer. This choice empowers you to shape your career the way you want it, with the safety of a permanent contract. Whether you’ve just finished school or you’re a seasoned hand, buro Nexus is there for you. We will excel together. Together, we will make your (career) dreams come true.

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We’re called buro Nexus for a reason. ‘Nexus’ means connection. You don’t need to a ring or eternal vows (unless that’s what you’re after, of course). But if you are ready to connect with us, take a look at the projects we offer in your field.

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buro Nexus

Whether you’ve just finished school or have years of experience, buro Nexus will help you take your next step. Every day offers new opportunities.

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Do you need temporary staff? Do you need someone who can start today? Then buro Nexus is the way to go. By hiring talent from buro Nexus, you always have experienced staff without any financial risk or administrative red tape. All the benefits with none of the risks. Buro Nexus has professionals available for Interim Management, Care (the Netherlands), Industry & Manufacturing, Construction and Chemistry & Life Science (Belgium). Are you looking for fresh talent or someone with years of experience? You’ll find all the talent you need at buro Nexus.

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